Emergency Systems


Expandable Emergency Evacuation System

Whether your building is large, small, or a campus environment, the Honeywell E3 Series® is the most cost-effective fire alarm and emergency notification system available. Unlike ordinary fire control panels, the E3 Series is designed to use the fewest multifunction “building block” modules possible, resulting in simple design, installation, and maintenance. Since system reconfiguration is easy, you get affordable expansion as your business grows.



  • Incomparable “building block” design means fewer, smarter modules can be used for standalone, networked, voice evacuation, and mass notification type systems

  • 625K ARCnet communication uses twisted pair, fiber optic, or a mix of both for maximum installation flexibility

  • Broadband data transmission allows messages over a single pair (wire or fiber), making design, installation, and troubleshooting easy and economical

  • Special functions like city connection and 2 Class “A” or “B” 2.5 amp NAC circuits are built-in as standard features at no extra cost

  • Easy expansion and forward-thinking design for low cost of ownership

  • Supports up to 122 nodes and over 75,000 devices—enough for large buildings or campus environments

  • Multi-channel audio ensures survivability to keep emergency responders in touch with building occupants


Greenbush – The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center serves learners of all ages through partnerships with schools, communities, and agencies statewide. Underlying our diverse range of services and supports is one central mission: to ensure equal educational opportunities for all.

Greenbush began in 1976 to help schools pool resources and stretch their dollars through collaborative projects. From professional development to grant writing; from special education services to cooperative purchasing; from home-based parent education to overnight camping adventures; Greenbush leads the way in ensuring every learner has access to the resources they need to succeed.

The Greenbush Cooperative Purchasing Program facilitates a voluntary purchasing program to help Kansas K-12 districts and other eligible entities save time and money. The purchasing program is an initiative of Greenbush Procurement and Contract Services. Our goal is to combine the purchasing power of Kansas schools to offer aggressive pricing on purchases.




Communities and Places of Public Assembly
When it comes to sports arenas and places of public assembly, civil authorities and private-sector stakeholders expect voice evacuation systems to do more than direct people to the nearest exit. With the push of a button, the E3 Series® System can take over Fenway Park’s public address with detailed emergency instructions.


Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
High-speed communication is extremely important in hospital environments where time is critical. The E3 Series System at St. Joseph’s Hospital carries data over a single pair of unshielded wires at a 625K baud rate. The industry standard for data communication is 100K to 318K baud.


Military Installations
As dictated by the Department of Defense’s UFC document 4 021 01; the most rigorous standards concern intelligibility. Fort Knox Military base chose the E3 Series after a live demonstration of its ability to dispense critical instructions in a measurably clear and concise manner. This is especially important considering the facility’s 100-plus building configuration.


Local and Municipal Government
With network technology, the E3 Series transports signals from the autonomous control center to each user interface, providing the Rhode Island State House with custom announcements on a zone-by-zone, floor-by-floor basis.


Schools and Universities
School administrators look to the E3 Series as a one-system solution. Combining fire alarm, security, and mass notification in one platform offers huge economical advantages to fit the budget limitations of school districts today.

In compliance with NFPA code requirements, administrators have peace of mind knowing E3 Series technology can be relied upon to give clear, concise emergency instructions. All faculty, students, and visitors are informed in the building, outside campus, or even miles away via cell phones, PDA’s, and text messaging.