Specialty Services

At Davis Electric, Inc., we offer several specialty services. We have a uniquely trained team and top notch specialty equipment to help us get the job done.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras provide rapid scanning that is nondestructive and environmentally friendly of a surface which allows for quick detection of potential problems or defects that will reduce troubleshooting time and preventative maintenance.



Power Monitoring

Power monitoring is an important process in identifying current and potential power quality issues and addressing them BEFORE they get out of hand.  Good power monitoring equipment can provide reliable information about power quality, demand and flow.



Line Locating

You may need to locate an electrical fault if your electrical breaker is constantly popping and needs to be reset.  Using equipment, we induce a dedicated signal on the broken wire.  This signal travels into the ground and we use an A-Frame antenna that tells us exactly where the ground fault is located and its depth.



Line Truck

Our Line/Utility Truck can be a very versatile piece of equipment assisting in a variety of jobs such as digging holes, fixing overhead wiring, setting poles, or hanging lights, just to name a few.  No matter what the job, using proper equipment can allow any job to be performed properly and more efficiently.



Design-Build Services

One thing that sets Davis Electric apart is our extraordinary strength and excellence in the area of design build services. Using the latest technology and highly skilled and experienced engineering and design personnel, we are capable of coordinating the entire process from concept to completion. We’re always excited to work beside architectural or other engineering firms from blueprint through construction.